Coalition Coordinator for Pennsylvania Climate Equity Table

The PA Climate Equity Table is seeking a coordinator to help deepen and grow a coalition of eight grassroots and base-building organizations to build power across the state working on issues that intersect with race, climate, energy, and the economy.  The coordinator will strengthen communications networks among the coalition and help develop member-leader political education materials. This position is full-time. 

The coordinator would be expected to work on the following priorities:

  • Nurture the practice of collective governance, decision-making, and shared power-building.
  • Design, facilitate, and document monthly meetings.
  • Co-design, co-facilitate, plan the logistics, and document quarterly to semi-annual convenings among Table organizations and their community members.
  • Foster the development of trust, honesty, communication, and a culture of equity.
    • Provide regular one on one check-ins with each table organization member.
    • Facilitate communication and provide checks on progress among different PA Climate Equity table work.
  • Fundraising for Table-wide initiatives: Write and/or Co-Write grant proposals and reports 
  • Represent the PA Climate Equity Table in progressive movements and government spaces in order to further understand the statewide, regional, and national context of the PA Climate Equity Table’s work. 
    • Lend organizing capacity and support to outside progressive climate and environmental formations in order to deepen alignment
    • Identify when table partners would benefit from engaging in any movement spaces they are not currently participating in 

Additional responsibilities may include:

  • Draft public communication materials for review and approval among table participants.
  • Ensure that the table “point-person” on external engagements with other organizations, leaders, and partners
  • Co-create political education with table members to provide cross-organization learning opportunities

While the coordinator will work independently, the coordinator will partner with staff from all nine member organizations, creating a culture to move work forward in a collective and aligned manner.  The coordinator will have access and guidance/mentorship support in this role from the existing coordinator for up to 6 months. Following that they will have support from a designated table participant.

Who Should Apply

All are encouraged to apply.  Please note that the PA Climate Equity Table is committed to the leadership of Black, Brown, and marginalized communities. The coordinator role is intended to be a leadership development opportunity for those interested in deepening skills and capacities for coalition building, statewide strategy development, and policy analysis and development. 

Candidates with the following qualifications will be strongly considered:

  • Clear dedication to racial and economic justice;
  • Extensive lived-experience in frontline communities, communities of color, and/or low-income communities;
  • Knowledge of climate justice, environmental justice, housing justice, or economic justice;
  • Demonstrates ability to facilitate calls, zoom meetings, (and if/when possible in-person gatherings);
  • Demonstrated ability or willingness to learn how to manage different perspectives and ideas to foster collective decision-making efforts;
  • Demonstrated ability to manage logistics and operations of planning meetings;
  • Manage independent work and have clear communication for support needed.

To Apply:

  • Please send a resume as well as a cover letter that states your purpose and expressed interest in the job. Cover letters may be received as a video recording, if preferred.  Within the cover letter please explain your interest or commitment to climate justice, your work on racial and economic justice, and your hope for Pennsylvania’s economic and ecological future.
  • Please send applications to
  • Applications accepted until August 31, as we anticipate a start date in late September.


Full time salary would be $60-$70,000 plus benefits.


Pennsylvania preferred. Work is remote with expected travel throughout the year (depending on COVID restrictions) 


About the PA Climate Equity Table

The PA Climate Equity Table seeks to unite urban, rural, and suburban voices for racial, economic, and climate justice by building: community;  electoral power; shared racial and environmental justice analysis; and policy change.  We have a commitment to building the necessary multi racial, multi class force in PA that can win, by centering an analysis of racism and inequality and the voices of impacted communities. We seek a just and equitable transition from our extractive economy to an economy that is regenerative, renewable, and just. 

We envision a thriving Commonwealth that prioritizes the health and wellbeing of all its people, works for ecological justice, protects the sacredness of our air, water, and land, champions worker’s rights and status, and advances racial and economic justice in communities. 

We serve as a coordinated and aligned effort of member-based organizations working together to achieve common goals that will benefit all across the state.  The table strives to:

  • Build power in Black, Brown, and impacted communities on environmental and climate justice issues that intersect with economy and other sectors;
  • Move community-driven policy solutions on a radical yet possible vision for a more equitable, just, climate-resilient and fossil-free Pennsylvania economy; and
  • Be a voice for racial equity and justice on climate issues that is an alternative to environmental and decarbonization efforts that are not rooted in community solutions. 

Founded in 2018, current members of the PA Climate Equity Table include:

  • Asian Pacific Islander Political Alliance of PA (APIPA)
  • CASA
  • Center for Coalfield Justice 
  • Make the Road PA
  • PA Stands Up
  • Philly Thrive
  • Philadelphians Organized to Empower and Rebuild (POWER)
  • Pittsburgh/PA United
  • One PA