We’re building power in communities across Pennsylvania that have been impacted by climate and environmental injustice.

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Our Priorities

Environmental Justice

In order to have climate and environmental justice, our organizing and policies must be driven by the needs of communities impacted by these crises. We are fighting for solutions which will center our communities in decision-making processes when it comes to the environment and halt the harm imposed on our communities by toxic industries.

Office of Just Transition

As we push to stop and reverse the harm on environmental justice communities in our state, we must also build new institutions and infrastructure for us to take on the climate crisis. This is why we’re fighting for an Office of Just Transition, which will establish a community driven process that centers workers and community members impacted by transition from our extractive economy to a regenerative economy.

Whole Home Repairs

Our neighbors are struggling to repair and maintain their homes because for decades our communities have been starved of resources. We need a Whole-Home Repairs Fund to create a one-stop shop for home repairs and weatherization so that Pennsylvanians can stay safe and healthy in their homes and communities.

Our Partners